Wouldn’t business be more fun, and more profitable, if you could:

  • Accurately, and consistently, predict your customer’s evolving needs?
  • Attract more of your most profitable customers while repelling time wasters?
  • Get compensated better for the value you provide?
  • Minimize your infrastructure costs?
  • Consistently find simple, inexpensive, easily-implemented solutions to the challenges you face?
  • Make your competitors irrelevant?

Cutting Edge tools help you accomplish these things. They:

  • Increase your value to your customers.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Leave your competitors wondering how you accomplish so much with so little.
  • Reduce your marketing costs while improving your close rate.
  • Minimize your infrastructure costs.

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Where my clients and I enjoy the greatest success is when they are:

  • Customer-centric – They enjoy exceeding customer expectations.
  • Dynamic – They prefer to initiate change rather than respond to it.
  • Results-oriented – They enjoy outperforming their competitors.
  • Value-oriented – They provide tremendous value and want to be compensated fairly for that value.

When these qualities exist neither the size of the company nor the industry matter, we will do amazing things together.

Cutting Edge Tools

The advantage of having sat in the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) chair in a variety of industries is that I not only got to see which operating decisions worked and which didn’t, I got to see the magnitude of the impact that operating decisions have on a company’s financial condition.

The following are but a few of the tools available to you to not only dramatically improve your bottom line, but make business fun again.

Dale Furtwengler is a former CFO and an internationally-acclaimed author whose books include:

Pricing For Profit
The Uniqueness Myth
Making the EXCEPTIONAL Normal


Generate Greater Profit With Fewer Sales

Best Of All Worlds

If you’d like to dramatically improve your bottom line, and have more fun doing so, but aren’t sure which are the right tools for you? Give Dale a call at 314-707-3771 or email him at dale@furtwengler.com. He’ll help you decide the best route to go…even if Cutting Edge tools are not right for you. And remember, these are not the only tools he has available.

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